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4wd issue

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This weekend we got hit with a heavy dumping of snow and this morning before work sure enough the plow truck out at my place is in the ditch. Titan to the rescue again. I clicked it in 4lo and pulled the guy out with the front tow hooks. I switched it to 4 high to continue on my way. The 4lo light started flashing. I drove around a bit and I switched it to 2wheel. Then the 4wd warning light came on and a red at light came on and the little indicator at beside the mileage went out. I turned the truck on and off a couple times, drove a bit turned it back in 4x4 and ta da back to normal.
Should I be concerned? Did I mess anything up? It was like lost an confused as to what mode it was suppose to be in.
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4lo in reverse under load is bad news for your front end. don't do it. what year is your truck.
I blew my front diff last winter. I brought it to a drive line shop. They called me and told me my diff was discontinued and couldn't even get parts to rebuild it. They said nissan redesigned or had an updated front diff that I would have to switch to which was definitely alot more expensive then a rebuild.
they changed the design. original design was extremely prone to grenading when in 4wd. they also changed how the cv axles go into the diff, they don't pop out as easily and as randomly now.

but its still frowned upon from the OG's on the forum to use 4wd in reverse towing people or other shenanigans.
Well doesn't that suck! Hope I don't grenade anything else this winter! Atleast after the guy plowed my driveway lol. Also I've seen 4-5 titans running around town with plows on the front and I've seen on here its frowned upon for the same reason.
haha yeah true. i think the new style ones are pretty reliable though, not like they are plowing in reverse right:devil::devil:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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