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4wd springs on my 2009 2wd

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i really like the ride height of the new 4wd, just wondering if i put the 4wd springs in my 2009 2wd T would i get that height in the front?
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08 springs54010-ZR41A try that. Those MIGHT be the Pro4x springs. which you dont wanna get, you want the 08+4x4 ones. I just used, searched their parts department and found the right ones, and backed the part number up by pm'ing someone who i knew had put on 08 springs themselves.
thats what they say...but coltenk has a lifted 05? and i noticed in his sig he has pro4x coilovers. I wouldnt know. I did have 084x4 with bilsteins on the middle setting on my 06 4x4 with the pro comp lift, rode pretty stiff.
Thank you sir!!^^^^^
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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