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4wd springs on my 2009 2wd

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i really like the ride height of the new 4wd, just wondering if i put the 4wd springs in my 2009 2wd T would i get that height in the front?
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Do you know if the brand new Titans sit higher than the previous year?
Yea I knew they were higher, I got the for my truck. I was just curious if the '11 are taller than the '10 because when I put them on my truck i got 3.5". Oh well
are you getting any coil bucket contact?
I don't think I lost any clearance. Tons of room!
It might have gave me more room? I dont remember how much room I had before the swap. I'd go ahead and get some for yourself, its a cheap lift!
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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