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4x2 TITAN in the snow!

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Well, as you all have heard, So-cal was dumped with a storm and that meant alot of snow in the mountains. Me and my friends decided to roll up to mountain high up in wrightwood to hit the slopes. I had a set of stock tires for the rear with the chains on them, ready to go incase we were stopped by a CHP check point. Yes, we were stop, we did a pit stop, took off the 22's and put on the stock tires w/chains on, under 10 minutes. There was alreadya dusting with about 5 inches of snow on the road, then when we started to leave, there was about a foot of snow on the ground and zero visibility. I had bright HID's and even those weren't cutting it! We thought we were snowed in but I wanted to see what this truck was made out of. The truck never felt unstable, the ABLS light only came on when going up hill, and it took me and my friends back home safely. I saw other trucks like F-150's and Dodges w/out 4wd but had chains, having trouble, but my TITAN lived up to its name up the mountains.
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2tall said:
Is chains a Cali law when it snows? If we had dusting or 5 inches of snow and people were putting on chains, you would wonder what drugs they are on. Of course in New England snow is just an everyday thing this time of year. Just curious if it was the law out that way.. I never seen chains on a truck out this way before, only metal studded tires on cars.
No kidding. I drive my scion xA around unless the snow exceeds about 6 inches. And then the truck comes out. I am not sure chains are even legal in MA. I have never seen them for sale in any store around here or in Central Mass.
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