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4x4 maintenance ?

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I'm familiar with running the air conditioner during the winter, once a week or so, in order to cycle lubricant through it and prevent corrosion. But what about the 4x4 transfer case, etc. I'm not going to need four wheel drive in the summer. Do I need to turn on four wheel drive once in a while? Can I do it on dry road provided I'm travelling in a straight line? I couldn't find any mention of the maintenance requirements for the four wheel drive system in the owner's manual. I remember reading in one of the competitor's manuals that four wheel drive should be turned on once a week.
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I like to put mine in 4 wheel drive every once in a while to keep everything in the transfer case lubed. If you're traveling straight and not going fast, it will be okay. Don't drive it too far on dry pavement; a little bit will do.
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