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4x4 struts on 2 wheel drive truck

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well i tried to find info on whether this has been done yet but nothing yet.
so heres my post, first off im new here so whats up everyone.
so it started when i ordered a set of rancho 5000 struts for my 04 titan. it has a 6" procomp lift but utilizes the stock struts with the huge gaudy looking spacer on top. i recieved my struts and noticed off the bat something was different. did research and found that they sent me 4x4 struts. so an idea popped into my head. i then ordered a set of 2.5" leveling block for the front. i removed the stock strut and 6" spacer and replaced it with the 4x4 strut and the leveling kit spacer. in return i got an extra 3/4 of an inch lift and it looks so much better not having the huge spacer there.

stock strut with 6" spacer photo

4x4 strut with leveling kit
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sweet! ya that makes huge difference in appearance... I LOL'd at the spacer... 4x4 setup with leveling kit looks awesome!
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