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4x4 Tight Turn Problem

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I just moved up to Reno from Las Vegas so my 4 wheel drive has seen very little action, but now I've been engaging it for the snow up here. I noticed that when I make a tight turn (not fully cranked) in either drive or reverse, it almost feels as if the brakes are coming on because I have to give it some gas just to get it to move. I mainly notice it when parking and reversing out of a parking spot. I figure I should mention that I have a 4" lift with 35x12.5xR18 wheels. You guys are awesome. Thanks.
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Yeah, that would be your driveline binding up because you are on a surface with traction. Stop doing that, you're bound to break something. 4WD is not designed for making turns on surfaces that don't allow slippage between the front and rear axles.
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