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4x4 Tight Turn Problem

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I just moved up to Reno from Las Vegas so my 4 wheel drive has seen very little action, but now I've been engaging it for the snow up here. I noticed that when I make a tight turn (not fully cranked) in either drive or reverse, it almost feels as if the brakes are coming on because I have to give it some gas just to get it to move. I mainly notice it when parking and reversing out of a parking spot. I figure I should mention that I have a 4" lift with 35x12.5xR18 wheels. You guys are awesome. Thanks.
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do you have the 4WD engaged when you do this?

Let me guess, when driving straight its fine, but when turning it's grabbing? Congratulations, your 4WD is working properly. No worries, bro. It's supposed to do that
How about have it in 2WD when pulling out of the parking spot, then engage 4wd to drive in? Or just don't turn tightly? Hell, who knows? Take it in to dealership if you don't believe us...they'll tell you same thing. Then they'll void your warranty for having a lift. Enjoy.
on the fly. Watch the display, it will flash and then go solid showing you're in 4wd. A thought, your owners manual also states not to go over 60mph with 4wd high engaged. I'd read that before doing anymore 4wd'ing. You can switch back and forth from 2wd to 4wd high without a problem. 4wd low is a different story.
4wd on the fly, you most likely shouldnt be using 4x4 while driving unless you think your going to get stuck. You should put some weight in the bed and get better at handling it in 2wd.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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