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FLfinfan said:
If I get a SE CC 4x4 does that automatically get the "offroad package"? And if the answer is no, whats different about the two? My dealer is not being clear on this.
When totaling up options he also had the RF system with bench seat AND the Popular package with bench seat on his list of what was in the truck. Aren't they the same thing except for the radio/speaker set up? You have one or the other, not both right? When I corrected him he seemed unsure. You guys are the experts. What up with that? I know you have to have the RF OR Popular to get a 4x4. But both?
Here is a link to the Titan brochure: It should answer all of your questions. Amazing how little some of the salesmen know. I could never get a brochure from a dealer; had to request one from the Nissan web site; it took about a week to arrive.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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