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Titan Experience

My experience in purchasing the Titan is/was the Nissan sales persons are not that well informed about this new truck. It is more likely than not, that the members of this forum know way more about this truck than they do.

This is not limited to Sales either. I have found the same issue when it comes to Parts as well.

My Titan was the first one sold at my dealer and the first to come in for service. The part numbers for this new vehicle aren't even in all the Nissan reference literature yet. I'm sure that is improving as production moves further down the road. But in December they weren't all that prepared. Accessory part numbers had to be supplied by Sales to Parts. Parts had to call around to other dealers to find the right part number for an oil filter (for crying out loud)! :huh:

Be prepared to wait for replacement parts (warranty) as there is every indication that a lot of effort is going towards production rather than parts inventory.

While the Titan is the topic of attention (everyone comes to see it and check it out at Service/Parts), it is important for us to gently (!) indicate what we know and wish to have happen. Pay attention and don't take for granted that everyone knows what they are doing.

My experience has been that if you are patient and courteous you will be treated well.

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FLfinfan you're right....

Thanks for the replies guys.

Yo FLfin regarding "designing" your vehicle on the Nissan website and not being able to select the 4x4 drivetrain with the off-road package - it just happened to me for the first time. Anybody know what's up?

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