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5.3 08-09 Chevy vs Titan

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What's up guys! This guy has been saying that his 08-09 (can't remember the exact year) Chevy 1500 can "make work" of my Titan. Mines a 06 XE crew cab with a metal mulisha exhaust and a airaid CAI. He's a z71 extended cab with a spectre cold air intake. Do you guys think I would win if I raced him or should I stay away
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A 1500 5.3 is probably the slowest of all the trucks. I like Chevy but they are turds. Race him!

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Don't loose sleep, you'll pull hard on him. I had several 5.3's, not a bad motor but it's not a 5.6 Nissan.
Alright I'll race here soon. I'll tell you guys the result but we hopefully already know the result
Get a bdgt and disable WOT restriction. You'll kill him. The xe's are nice and light. If you're 2wd Nissan restricts wide open throttle up till 40? Something dumb. But even without the tuner you should get him fine.
Same here, killed plenty of 5.3's. My last 05 on 37's kept up with a tuned 2014 5.3 (supposedly completely different motor). We were door to door all the way up to 75, then both let off. He was pissed haha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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