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5 OEM Off Road Tires Wheels w/ Spare

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Up for grabs are the 5 OEM "Off Road" Wheels and Tires off of my 05 Titan. These are the 17" rims with BFG Rugged Trail TA 285/70/17.

I pulled these off at 15,000 miles. They were rotated at 1k and every 5k afterwards. All wheels and tires are clean with no damage. I would estimate the tires to have half of the tread remaining.

I am also including the original spare wheel/tire combo which has never hit the road -- brand new tire and wheel. The TPS have been taken out of all five tires and replaced with new stems.

I would prefer a local pick up in Missoula, MT 59803. However, if you are willing to pay the freight fees I will gladly ship them according to your requests. I am asking $350 for the package.

I'll gladly answer any questions.


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Still available.

I looked up shipping via FedEx or UPS ground and cost per wheel/tire combo is about $45 each to the East coast from MT. Anyone know of a cheaper way to ship tires?
Are you willing to sell the spare seperately by itself? Shipped to 17551 I don't really need the tire, so I'm sure if you had the tire removed and just sent the wheel, it would save some shipping cost. Surely a tire shop wouldn't charge more than $10 to remove the tire.

Let me know.
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