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5100's with Moogs and all new mounts/bushings

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I decided to replace everything in the front strut assembly instead of breaking down my old struts and reusing parts. I have already purchased the Moog 81194 springs, 5100 billys and new strut mounts and bushing kits. I have been searching on here and on google to find lower spring insulators/isolators. Ours seem to be pretty much a rubber hose that slips over some of the bottom coil. I can't seem to find this part anywhere.

I know other people here have done the 5100's with the new Moog coils, so what have yall done for the lower insulator/isolator? Reused the factory? Or is there somewhere to get them that I am unable to find? I have seen Energy suspension makes an Isolator like this, but it is only .75" inside diameter whereas the Moog springs are .765" o.d. Would I be able to make a slit in these and use them?

Thanks for looking!
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I found mine from Courtesy nissan online i believe. LMK if you can't find them, i might have mine laying around.

I ended up reusing my original ones.
I've looked on there and it doesn't seem they have them, if I'm searching by Titan. They don't even show them in the front suspension diagrams
Nope. I'm looking for lower. Otherwise the spring would just sit on the aluminum perch of the Bilstien and I'm afraid it would make noise.
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