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6 disc cd player

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I have a 6 disc cd player for sale. The unit is brand new because it was warrantied and instead of installing the new one, I had an aftermarket player installed. It has the rear av button. My truck is an 04 SE.
$100 and you pay for shipping.



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Bump it up
Nobody needs a CD player?
Anybody, Nobody, Anybody, Nobody

I guess its going to ebay
where are you located.
I live in Jacksonville, Fl
are you going to OT IV? If I go there I may pick it up from you (assuming i cant fix mine with the battery reset).
CD player anyone?
No, but I will look into it and get back with you.
I looked around and it is about $20 dollars
would it fit my 05 XE ? my dash do not looks like yours,it has single cd palyer.
I just got your message. I have been busy at work today and won't be home until tomorrow. I will call the dealership, ask them and get back with you.

Cool!! I am at work right now to.Ill also call dealer to see.
Hey J-TOWN,just called 3 dealer's parts department they all were not sure since mine is xe and yours an se.One said aftermarket would be my best bet.So Iam going to pass,but thanks alot though.Dam thats a hell of a deal!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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