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Hello, Everyone.

I am new to the site (as you can see) and I had a problem with my titan's stock 6 disc cd/mp3 head unit not powering up. The backlight and the clock worked, but nothing else worked, and I could not get a response from any of the buttons on the unit. I found this site, and as a guest, was able to do some forum searches, and found that others had posted about the same problem. I was astounded by the number of threads and responses. The suggested fix was to disconnect the power and then plug it back in.

I am thinking to myself "no way this is going to solve the problem", but I tried it and was amazed that it actually did work. I decided to come back and register, so that I could share some gratitude with you folks.

I know the title looks like I have a problem, and I hope it might help others in the future, but the main function of this post is to give you all a great big pat on the back, and a great big thank you. New member; new fan... Jeff
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