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6" lift on a 13' Pro 4X question

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Just wondering what additional mods would need to be made when installing a standard 6" lift (PC or RC). I'm assuming the lift kit package would come with all you need, but I could be wrong. Im looking to swap out my stock rims and tires for 20's (-12 or -24 offset) and 35" tires. Any help would be appreciated!

I have seen the lifts going for about $1K which seems reasonable. If there is a less expensive way to go about it, feel free to chime in!
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Those guys covered it. I've had my PC lift installed on my 2005 Titan since June of 2005. I have about 120k miles since installing the lift, and other than the powdercoating flaking off, it's been a good kit. I do recommend the Traction Bars and Driveshaft spacer as well.
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