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6" lift - tie rod ends hit rim

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So after a 6" rough country suspension lift its all good aside from the tie rods hit the inside of the rim ever so slightly at near full turn. I say near full turn because it only touches for a second and then at full turn it doesn't touch anymore. Its like that bend on the tie rod should be slightly less and then it wouldn't touch. Is that normal for that to happen if you keep stock rims?

I will be adding wheel spacers anyway which should fix the issue but I would think that shouldn't happen.


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Thats what we were wondering, couldn't find it in the instructions though. Thanks!!
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When you do the lift you're supposed to swap the tie rod ends so that doesn't happen.

Driver side to passenger side, passenger side to driver side.

Keeps the curve away from the rim

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Also I noticed the front is a little higher than the back now you can kind of see in the pics. Idk if this thing might have had a leveling kit or something previous because I guess the RC 6" kit says that it purposely raises the front slightly more than the back so its more level in the end. But anyway I measured and the rear is actually 1/2" lower than the front currently. Is that normal?

I'd rather it be the other way around, so I bought an add a leaf to raise the rear 1.5 to 2". Sound plan?
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