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6" Pro Comp Lift, 37X13.50R18 Toyos w/rims

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I've been trying to sell the whole truck for $30,000 if anyone is interested before I lower it. If not then I'm selling the suspension lift, traction bars, and tires. If it makes the deal I may include the fiberglass toneu cover. I don't have the exact model of the lift but it is a Pro comp 6". The traction bars are Procomp as well. The tires are Toyo Open Country 37X13.50R18's with only a few thousand miles on them. The rims are Moto Metal 18's. Not sure the brand of the toneu cover, but that is not a gimme. The items are either located in Huntsville, AL or Fort Knox, KY whichever is closer for pick up. I will ship the items too, but that is of course on your dime. How much is all this wonderful equipment going to cost you say. Well I think $3,000 is fair since that is about the price of the wheels and tires alone. Bear in mind the suff is used, but barely. The lift was done by professionals in March 2007 and the truck has only been driven a few thousand miles since. I can be contacted at 256-990-9408. My truck can be seen on Top Gun Customz website as they are the place that did the lift originally. The link is:

I might split up the stuff, but I want to sell it as a set first as someone should need all of it.

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Hey...I'm interested in it all but likely need to ship it. I'm in Charlotte, NC. I'll call you tomorrow about it. My truck is black too...hmmm..
Actually, your truck is a spitting image of what mine would look like with all that stuff. YOu aren't that far, we might be able to meet. PM sent.
Good for you man.... I was waiting to hear back from you about the Canada deal....
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