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6 weeks old and already broke

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With all the threads discussing accidents, I thought I would share one with everyone. Last Friday my wife was in an accident in my 6 week old Titan.

She was stopped at a red light and when the light turned green, she went straight. A women in a 1980's conversion van was talking on her cell phone:gossip: and not paying attention and ran a red light. When she finally did see the light was red she was halfway through. What does the genius do? She floors it. My wife tried to stop and t boned her.

The wife had all the windows down and had a hat on. Her hat flew off her head and out the back window onto the road. She was only going about 10 mph and the airbag did not deploy. She is okay minus a minor concussion :ftard: and some soreness. She hit her head where the seatbelt attaches to the B pillar.

Found out today that the damage is about $6k to $7k and all cosmetic. No frame or engine damage. The body shop said the tow hook really saved a lot of damage. It needs a new bumper and grill, headlights and drivers side quarter panel etc.

My wife said she felt the Titan did a great job at keeping her safe. I have a base LE with the OR package. The one thing that bothers me that it does not have is side air bags. I know they would not have deployed in this accident, but just imagine if I were in a more serious accident and hit my head on the side. I am 6'3" and my head is right in line with the B pillar in my driving position. It makes me mad that in order to get side air bags you have to get $6000 in other options (moonroof, dvd, nav, vdc).

It really sucks to have a 6 week old truck with less than 3000 miles that has already been involved in an accident. Especially one due to such severe driver inattention. Make sure you guys drive defensively, there are a lot of bad drivers out there (insert "No ****t" here)

I had to get a rental and they tried to give me a Chevy Aveo. How is that for one extreme to another. I said no way and ended up with a GMC Acadia. I already miss my sweet Titan dearly . Sorry for the long post.
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My wife did have her seatbelt on. I work in radiology and have seen some nasty stuff that could have been prevented with a seatbelt. The worst case was a 24 year old kid that had his skull split from ear to ear when he was tossed out of his truck when it rolled, his hood opened up and hit him. He probably would have walked away if he had a seatbelt on. Seatbelts do save lives. End of cheesy lecture.
Sorry about your truck, hope the wifey gets better.
Being involved in a crash is always a bummer, but at least your wife and truck weren't seriously hurt. This is why it's a good idea to always look both ways to make sure cross traffic is stopping, especially if you are the lead car and your light has just turned green. I was bumped from behind once because I saw the red light runner coming and stopped.
Scary stuff. Good to hear you wife will be alright. Concussions do suck though but atleast it is minor.

I see so many people that run red lights every place I have lived. The PD's across America should crack down on running red lights. Alot of lives and accidents would be saved. They have those cameras on alot of lights, they should use them to capture red light runners.
As for side airbags on a Titan LE, I have just the moonroof, side curtain airbag, tow package, and tow package, and I don't have rear entertainment or navigation like it is required on the website or the vehicle ordering system. I know several people who have a 4x4 CC LE like mine without the extras that the website requires, and this isn't a fluke as I've seen several hundred get make this way. There at the dealers, but I guess that are hard to find in some areas.
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