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60k service for an '06?

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Hi, I may be posting in the wrong forum, but I recently bought an 06 Titan with some 57k miles, and an unknown service history. The truck runs fine, and looks good, but for the hood's clear coat. I changed the oil/filter and did some other minor repairs, but have read about the need for 'major' sevice. I do not have a mechanic I can trust - including a local dealer, who begrudgingly did the recall service, but ignored my request to check and reset the TPMS. The tire pressures I'd adjusted before taking it in, but the light stays on - some have told me that each sensor needs a new battery/replacement before resetting the warning light.

Having found a maintenance service manual on line:
I'm thinking of having the 60k mile fluid service. Not including the Costco coupon, another nearby dealer quoted a labor charge for replacing the following fluids:
$250-300 AT (do I have a CVT?)
$130 brake fluid
$200 differential oil
$130 coolant flush

I've done similar work on my other older cars, but am wondering if the price is fair and what work needs to be done. I do not have a service manual.

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Transmission fluid doesn't actually come into play for the normal service schedule. If you're on the severe service schedule (towing, off-road, etc) then it calls for the transmission fluid to be changed at 100K miles as I recall. If the fluid looks and smells clean on the dipstick then I wouldn't worry about it.

The brake fluid flush could be a DIY item. It's not hard to do if you have an assistant to press the brake pedal and keep an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir. This will save you at least $120.

At the age of your truck the TPMS sensors have probably reached their end of life. At least the batteries have and they are not a serviceable item. You could figure out which one is the problem but I recommend replacing all four at once. If you can do that when you replace the tires it will save a trip and you may be able to negotiate a lower price. I had Discount Tire change my sensors and they worked fine.

The differentials on the Titan are VERY easy to change the fluid on. Almost as easy as changing the engine oil. Plugs are torqued to 25 ft/lbs. Use teflon tape on the threads.

I would have the the coolant flush done due to the age. You can do it yourself but it can be a bit messy. Coolant can be disposed of down the drain in your house (use the toilet, not the kitchen sink). Check the hoses at the same time to ensure they are aging well (no cracks).

You didn't mention it but I would change the fluid in the power steering. Suck out what is in the reservoir, replace the fluid, drive it, repeat. It's not a full change but it's good enough.

Once again, due to age:
Check the serpentine belt. It should be good to 100k, but...
Change the spark plugs. They are also good to 100k, but I would change them out now to ensure that they are easy to remove. Some guys have said that if they stay in too long they can be difficult to remove.

Air filter
Cabin filter
Clean the fins on the radiator and condenser with a garden hose
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