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60K Service (Opinions/Advice needed)

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Alright my fellow Titan lovers....I need some guidance and wisdom. I just passed 60K on my T and the 60K "service" is looming in the back of my mind.

The history of my truck is like this, I bought it used last February with 35k on it. I purchased if from a Nissan dealer so it is a certified used vehicle with Nissan. I've done all service from that point up to this one.

My hang up is after I had the guy print up the quote for the service, all the line items were simply "checking" things and the total came out to over $600!!! I thought to myself, $600 to check things? what about if you find something that needs to be changed or fixed? (which I'm sure they will).

I'm just wanting to hear from you guys on what you think I should do. The only issue I think that might need to be addressed is my breaks. I get some wheel wobble on the freeway when I hard break at about 50-65 mph so I'm thinking that MAYBE my rotors may be slightly warped. Other then that, I just wanna make sure all fluids are clean and full and everything looks good for another 30k. I do get a minor belt squeak in the mornings on cold days.

Ok, that's about it...I really appreciate anyone's contribution.
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It's alot cheaper to do your own... Frozen Rotors, R1 Concepts, etc, are MUCH better options than the OEM junk brakes.. While you're changing your brakes, it's a good idea to bleed the lines too, since you'll likely need to do it before 100k miles anyway...

From your description, sounds like you should change your Serpentine Belt.. The Idler Pulley might also need to be changed but it's easier to change the serpentine belt first then change the pulley later if it still squeals. Goodyear Gatorback should be a good alternative to the OEM belt.

Here's a write-up I did on changing the drivetrain fluids.. My Differential Gear Oil is different than yours, so make sure to check the recommended viscosities in your Owner's Manual instad of following the ones I used:

References for Changing Fluids.... - Nissan Armada Forum: Armada & Infiniti QX56 Forums

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Pops, thank you very much for that info. I wish I had the place to do the work myself but at least I know that I can safe myself some money by attacking the MUST DO items rather then paying the dealer 600+ to "check" things and then the additional cost to fix anything.

I'm definitely planning on going with frozen slotted rotors and hawk pads out side of the general maintenance I am due for.
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