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60K service questions

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I'm coming up on the 60K (56,500) and I want to know what has to be done at the dealer. I dont want to pay for a package and pay extra for oil change when I could do it myself. Based on the Premium Maintenance schedule this is what I came up with.

Oil change---Me
Lube locks---Me
Replace (should I get it flushed?) ATF--Nissan
Replace Diff oil (does this include front?)--Me
Air filter (K&N)
Coolant flush--Nissan
Drive belts--Nissan
Radiator cap---Me
Radiator hose---Me
Transfer case oil---Nissan
Rotate tires--Me

There are major differences between the schedule 1/2 and the premium are, there certain items you would do without question?
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Looks right to me. Let them do the flush on the tranny and coolant, and change the transfer case fluid. That's all you need.
You could chnage the transfer ase yourself while your doing the diffs. You could even change radiator fluid and hoses to save some more cabbage. Pull the hoses off and open the drain on the radiator and refill. Your plan is soild should keep the Titan happy for 60 more.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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