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Hey there,

Air Lift springs is now offering a $75 Mail in rebate on qualifying purchases!

Luckily enough for us XD guys (picking mine up this weekend!!!! ), the spring and compressor kits for our trucks qualify!

Check out the kits here!

I always see alot of guys searching for information on the load helper springs that Air Lift offers, and if you're on the fence, now's the time to buy! I know one of the first mods I plan on doing with my truck when I pick it up is a helper bag setup to keep it sitting level when I'm towing equipment trailers or my boat during the summer.

I plan on documenting every step of the install and doing a DIY while I'm at it if anyone would be interested in it!

For those who are unaware of the benefits of the load leveling bags, they provide:

Eliminated Squat

Reduces Poor Braking and Steering

Eliminates Poor Headlight Aim

Reduces Trailer Sway

Eliminates Rough Ride

Reduces Body Roll

Eliminates Bottoming Out

Overall, you enjoy a much safer and more comfortable ride while towing!

These bags are not recommended to increase the towing capacity of the factory suspension, the purpose is to make the truck safer, and more comfortable when towing within the manufacturer recommended towing capacity.


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