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Decided to give her a good wash, cleaned the engine. Next weekend I'm hoping to get around to washing the truck again.

I'm wondering what maintenance I should do. I can't find in the manual what the change intervals are for the Transmission oil. I think it said I need to flush it every 30k? Seems too often though?

Originally I did a complete flush on it at about the 42k mark (Someone broke in and stole my owners manual where I was recording maintenance so I don't know the exact mileage.).

I still have original brakes, I have 22k on transfer case 21k on both diffs since the last fluid change (Amsoil Severe gear) longest I have ever gone, but it should be ok till 30k right?

I'm still running original coolant (I think maybe I flushed it I don't remember), plugs, timing belt, power steering (maybe I flushed this too I don't remember, I think I did one of the two but I can't remember which).

Anything above I should do or any other suggestions?
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