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7x14 Enclosed Trailer Recommendations?

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Looking for some advice on tailers. Been doing some shopping and trying to get word from those with experience. My requirements are Enclosed, Tandem axle, ramp, at least 7' wide, 14' long (can do +/- 2'). Nice to haves are tie down points, vents, side door, brakes on both axles, V-Nose and darker color to go with my black truck. Price range is no more than 5k, prefer to stay around 4k. I know that you get what you pay for but sometimes you can find those good deals. I'm moving to Florida from SoCal (limited to trailers in this area) next month. I will be carrying two Harleys and some house hold goods to hold me off until my shipment arrives.

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I was able to purchase a 7x16 V-Nose for about $4300.00. The extra 2 ft. really helps.


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