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Ok.... So I have 2 different answers from 5 different people....Do I need the Droop stops on the 8" CST 2WD lift? I bought it used from a member here and it it didnt come with them. They are relatively cheap, 60 bucks or so to get but do I need them? I have been told Yes by CST and PRG Greg, and No by 2 local shops and the guy who sold me the lift. I do not plan to go off road at all except maybe a trial or dirt road to get where I am needing to go, Mostly over curbs and ditches to avoid traffic here in the city.

Second......Apperantly he (the guy I got it from) did not use or install the carrier bearing drop bracket. He did not send this as well. He said he never had one or used one and it never vibrated on his truck.......Please, do I need this or is it overkill. I am anal and like to do things properly. I plan to keep this truck for some time and dont want future headaches, or as few as possible.

And Third.... I am fairly handy, can I install this myself? I would say I am a 3 out of 10 as far wrenching goes. I lowered my Honda, I can rebuild a carb, etc......Any special tools I need or all basic things?

Thank you all in advance for any and all help i can get!!!

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