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8" fabtech?

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ok i cant find anything about it but i heard you can put a 2" or 3" spacer up front and blocks to match in the rear ON TOP OF the fabtech lift. does anybody have this? or see any problems with it?
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Mine is something like that. Can't really tell from the picture because the driveway is sloped but I don't have the spacer. I have coilovers cranked about 2 inches, bigger block in rear and deaver pack, about 8 1/2 inches of lift.
are you 4wd?

if so any cv problems?
No, it's 2wd.
I had the fabtech on mine, then upgraded to coilovers and a spacer (the old daystar one) the front was fine and just able to get it aligned. In the rear I had Super Springs (helpers) with the fabtech add a leaf and 2" block...and it sat perfect....but rode rough because of the helpers. So I removed them and added a pro comp 3" block and had nasty axle wrap, sold the truck a week later...but I would have orderd a deaver complete leaf spring to help with axle wrap. so to answer your question it can be done just make sure a good shop does it and you may need to have a coil over up front so your not stacking a spacer onto a spacer...good luck!

I didnt have any cv problems either..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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