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Alright, I have 2004 Titan CC LE, with 61k. Last year replaced the battery because it seemed to discharge really easily, took it to dealership they said it was the GPS that was draining battery and a loose neg battery wire. I said I found that odd because the GPS was on the switched 12 volt supply, but it worked fine. This weekend my wife was driving the Titan, she lowered the window the cable snapped and the window droped into the door. After rippinng the door apart and some very slick duct tape work the window was back up and I am sending it in to get the window working again. Shut the door, came back 15 minutes latter, no power, took out battery charger charged battery, everything ok, thought must have been working on glass longer than I should. Next day started no problem after being on charger, took charger off did some stuff aroung the house for 3 or 4 hours, no luck starting. Put it on charger started it, 4wd light came on, shut off truck started it no 4wd light everything normal. Driving it around I started hearing a click coming from passenger side, every 8 seconds, turned off truck, click still there. Any ideas before I send it to dealership and they tell me it is my GPS again. (oh I unpluged it).
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