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8" stock subwoofer

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I just bought my 2006 Titan SE. I am way past my days of 2-4 15" subs. I actually like the stock Fosgate system. Is there a stock or easy install of a second 8 under the passenger seat???
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Currently, there are no "slim" boxes available, that I'm aware of. Tech12volt (a site sponsor) is working on one for under the front seats. The system in the Titan isn't easily expandable unless you add an LOC or additional amps. I have a single 10" in a tech12volt box under the rear seat and it ROCKS!!! The 8" stocker just isn't capable of hitting the required bass for the most part. I don't even know it's on anymore. You may want to hit tech up with some questions and see if you can get 2 new boxes and amps for under there and replace the weak stocker. It'd definitely be worth it. :thumbsup:

And welcome to the site!
Thanks man, but I want to keep a low profile and I dont want to loose the rear cab space if I put a box under the back seat. This might sound dumb but can you turn only the fog light on without headlights and driving lights?
Only if you do the "foglight mod". There's a thread on here that shows how to do it. Try the search function with "foglight mod". Should show up....
sweet thanks man... seems easy enough
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