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9.5 mpg

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Recently took a short road trip about 3hrs away. 05 CC Big Tow. Pulling 6x12 V-nose with a couple dirt bikes and 3 adults, fairly flat interstate with cruise at 70 and tow mode on. Resetting the odometer and figuring gallons used I came up with 9.5 mpg! I have only had the truck about 1 month and love it. I knew they were gas guzzlers when I bought it, but I didn't think it was that bad. Are they, or do I need to look at something?
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Nope, towing that's about average MPG, especially at 70mph.
I wish I got 9.5 towing. I get about 7 or 8 with my camper.
Weather makes a difference when towing as well. When towing my 24' enclosed trailer into a head-or-side wind, the mileage on my '08 Titan KC LWB drops precipitously into the 5=6 MPG range. Even without wind, I only average 8.5 MPG.
Agree with the above. I hate to say it but, 9.5 actually isn't that bad. I think I got just under 9 towing a 6x12 uhaul with like 2,500lb between the bed and the trailer when I moved down here. Roughly a 500 mile trip at about 65 mph.
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You're worried about 9.5mpg towing on the freeway, i get 9.5mpg in the city! Only about 200 miles to a tank... On the freeway i can maybe manage 12.5mpg at 65mph.
I'm not worried about buying the fuel. The looks and comfort of the truck make up for it! I was just worried I had something going on mechanically, but if it is normal then I feel better. Thanks
I'm glad I'm 2wd with stock tires because I can get up to 12-14.5mpg towing a 3000lb pop up camper or my Skeeter bass boat. I do run 68-70mph and did all the way to Iowa on a deer hunting trip 814miles one way and got 14.5mpg. The truck was loaded with hunting equipment and a bunch of luggage. Came home and got the same with 2 nice bucks in the bed.
OP, slow down. That trailer is like pulling a parachute behind you. I pull a 6x6.6x12 (wxhxl) v-nose and it catches the wind.

The tires on that trailer may not be rated for more than 65 MPH.
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Pulling in 4th gear seems to help with my towing millage. It may be a a slight mpg or two.
When I pull my 6x12 enclosed trailer, I try to average about 10 mpg. If I feel it is dipping below my goal average, I will tuck behind a semi at 65 mph. That will usually get me 14 mpg to help raise the average for awhile
I draft like NASCAR. It certainly helps but I make sure I get behind someone that can't stop faster than I can.
I draft like NASCAR. It certainly helps but I make sure I get behind someone that can't stop faster than I can.
I could see that ending badly... lol
I often cruise at 75-80 towing on the interstate so I don't even want to know my towing mpg. Ignorance is bliss lol.
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