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I have attached an independent dyno result for a Chrysler 300C from a local shop. Keep in mind that the stock setup was new and in optimum condition to ensure accuracy in the results. Also, bear in mind that this dyno is showing rear wheel horsepower, rather than fudged "flywheel" numbers. Furthermore, as stated above, this is an independent dyno result, and was not done on our own unit as our competitors do.
Lastly, there are two other factors to keep in mind when differentiating our dyno results from those of our competitors. First, these results do not take advantage of the fact that our systems are the only ones on the market that utilize stainless steel pressurized cold air systems. Since the vehicle is sitting still, the fact that our fully enclosed system utilizes pressurized cold air is not taken into consideration. Second, this run was done with a closed hood, versus the open-hood dyno runs that our competitors perform. Open-hood runs allow a majority of hot air built up in the engine to escape, whereas our dyno runs (performed with a closed hood) are intended to simulate real world results.

Regarding 23 rear wheel horsepower statements that we've been getting, there are a ton of factors that play into the results of a dyno run, such as barometric conditions, mileage, and condition or age of the subject vehicle. Can we say that such results aren't possible? No. Have we had customers call us up and tell us that they have produced such results? Indeed, we have. Utilizing and discussing dyno results can be a difficult and confusing thing at times, but hopefully we have clarified any major elements pertaining to our product and dyno runs for you. To put it simply, we are 100% confident that our intake systems offer the highest horsepower gains on the market for three reasons:
  • Funnel Ram IV Air Filters - Our air filters flow 100 CFM better than anything else on the market thanks to an industry exclusive air diverter top and velocity stack base.
  • 100% Polished Stainless Steel Construction - Our intake systems are constructed of 100% polished stainless steel, another industry exclusive. Stainless steel construction guarantees maximum resistance to damage and corrosion over time. A million miles on other systems may sound good in theory, but take a look at the plastic, aluminum, and rubber that you don't see. Now that's a different story.
  • Pressurized Stainless Steel Cold Air Boxes - We are the only manufacturer on the market to offer pressurized stainless steel cold air systems. Our boxes attach to the factory lower air boxes, in turn utilizing the factory's cold air system ducting to ensure maximum induction of cold air. Pressurized air, in a sense, supercharges your vehicle's air intake system, forcing extremely large quantities of cold air into your vehicle's engine, and, in turn, creating maximum horsepower gains. Other manufacturers' "cold air intake" systems simply sit above the inner fender well of your vehicle behind a flimsy shield, inducing heat from your engine.
The DUB Air Advantage is not rocket science; it just makes sense.:)


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