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a/c controls, fan speed knob broke

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Seems the A/C fan speed adjustment knob on my 07 titan is failing, very hard to adjust speed manually. If i set it to auto and adjust the dual temp controls, is adjusts the fan speed appropriately. Went over to nissanpartszone.con,put in the VIN and was able to find the correct part.
Question is.......27560U control-knob, is that just the outer ring or the whole knob?? Learned from a prior search that it appears the whole freakin unit has to be replaced for $258!? ?
Not under warranty and little luck finding the correct part used.

Thanks in advance,
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Had the local savage yard do a search..only 1 available in the nation and according to the local dealer there are so many types getting the right part is a crap shoot. Plus he wants 145 used!!!!!! Used one on ebay, but unlikely its the right one.
may just order the knob and see if its just the outer ring or the complete knob.....only $13 + s/h...
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