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A/C cutting off / magnetic clutch not engaged

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I have problem with my Titan (2005) quite a long time that time to time A/C is suddenly cutting off. At first I thought that I have problem with A/C gas pressure I took Titan to A/C service in gas station and they did not find any problem with pressure. Usually when starting car from garage A/C worked fine for the moment and then without any notice it stops to work randomly. Sometimes it works fine weeks or months and then sometimes it cuts of every day.

I tried to look forum discussion about topic about A/C problems and only thing I found out, was about high/low pressure in A/C system could cause that magnetic clutch is not engaged. Of course there could be some loose connection somewhere in electric system that seems to be very hard to find.

Any good advices are very welcome how could I troubleshoot this.

I am located in United Arab Emirates and local Nissan dealer cares about $h!t Americam made cars which are brought to the country independently although Nissan Armada has very same technology.

Thanks your help!!


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Welcome to the forum. I too have always had the same problem with my 08, but only in the summer when the a/c gets constant use. I'll be driving and it will just shut off and come back on. It used to never come back on and id have to restart the truck. Wish I could help ya, i've just gotten used to dealing with it i guess.
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