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Searched and couldn't find anyone with the same issue as mine. But forgive me if I misread.

So went to turn on the a/c on a trip this past weekend and it was blowing hot. (Just had AC checked and was low a bit but we added to it and now is good)

Only had it turned to like half cold on the temp control knob. So after a few minutes(thought maybe it needed to circulate) it still didn't turn cold. Just hot air. So I turned it up to max cold on temp knob. Then it started blowing cold.

Turned it down one notch, hot air. So let's say 10 positions in the temp knob. Max cold being 1 and 10 being max heat. 1 works cold. 2-10 are hot.

Switch problem? There is a TSB on the blend door. So could be that?

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