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wdbiggs2 said:
Hey Guys,
Thanks for the info on the defrost. I accept that is normal operation.....but I don't have to like it. I guess that is why they give you that inch and one half thick owners manual to read. I only have 26K on my 2005 so I will have plenty of time to read if after I retire.
Thanks again,
Willie Biggs
This is NOT normal. I repeat not normal it is a design flaw.
If you have an 05 like me the manual is wrong. Just turning the fan off and moving the air direction away from defrost or the two closest to defrost will NOT turn the a/c off if the defrost setting was on for more than a minute. You have to turn the engine off at that point. I just came back from holidays and learned that I drove 300 miles with the a/c on for no good reason. Nissan should own up and tsb this problem as I don't like leaving my a/c on right up to shut down as the moisture just lays in the compressor until next startup causing bad odor. Not to mention the gas I wasted FOR NO REASON!!!!!
I'd estimate that a good reason most titan owners complain about gas mileage is because they are driving with a/c on and don't even know it. The computer controlling the hvac unit on this truck has a software problem, Nissan knows about it, and is doing nothing about it.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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