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A/C recharge

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Anyone try and recharge their A/C system themselves?

I got the A/C fan recall fixed and my A/C still isn't anything to write home to mom about. We had our hottest day of the year in Anchorage (80) AND It sure would of been nice to have some good A/C today.

I was thinking about getting some synthetic stuff at Napa and see what happens. Anyone do this before? I could drop it off at the dealer but This migfht be a little upgrade than regular stuff. Watcha think?
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I'd try the free under warranty route first. I've never had a new car with poor A/C. Take it back. it should work perfectly since it's still new.
My truck can still get cold in 95 degree weather and it's going on three years old with 47,000 miles.

Some of the trucks had an issue with too much head pressure on the compressor. SOmehow you need to make sure that yours isn't one of them.
Thanks, I iwll take it in and let the dealer take a look.
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