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A/C vents not functing correctly

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I have a 06 LE with the automatic feature, which I always have used since I bought it. Back in January on my way up to the mountains there was absolutely no heat, and it was in the 30-40 range (thank god for heated seats), some how my inlet heater hose failed. So they replaced it and took them about 3 days to do it too.

Then the summer months came around and I noticed that on the auto with recycled air, at 60º I am getting about 50/50 air form the face and the floor vents even know it says it’s on face only. Well so I decided to finally take it to the dealership about 2 weeks ago and they decided to check it on the manual setting (which I never use) and it was still putting out about 10% from the floor and 90% from the top and they tech compared it to an armada that was also in for service and they said that it was in the acceptable parameters even though it was still letting air out the floor from the front only. :flame: It never did it before I took it in for my heater problem.

Anyone else have the same issue? My feet don’t need to be cooled when its about 100º outside
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I love the air on my feet - I kick my sandals off and go drive......
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