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A dealership that actually cares!!

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Our family has purchased an armada, maxima, and now a titan from Sterling Mccall nissan with no complaints on any of the service or veichles. yesterday I took my Titan in for an oil change and to my surprise they did it for free!:D I also noticed they gave me a free car wash which I didn't want because I hand wash my cars. When I went to pump gas I found numerous scratches and scuffs. Immediately I suspected it was the car wash, but I was afriad that nissan would not own up to it. I immediately went to the dealership and showed the service manager, and to my surprise he simply said that he would take care of it. I came to pick my titan up today and found it looking better than the other titans on the lot. They got rid of every scratch on my truck and I have never seen my truck shine so much! They are one of the few honest dealerships around and if anyone lives in the houston area they should pay sterling McCall nissan a visit if they are interested in purchasing a new veihicle:)
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