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A little better MPG after Exhaust and CAI

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Just checked the mileage on the last tankful after installing the Flowmaster 70 Series and K & N CAI.

Got 370 miles on 24.86 gallons which comes out to about 14.88 MPG.

Not too bad and a slight increase over what I had been getting in town which was around 13.6 MPG.

I drove fairly conservatively on this tankful but I did put my foot into it several times. Hard not to with such a sweet sound and the extra HP.

Oh, mine is an '06 CC with the Big Tow package.

I'm happy with my Titan. Solid, best looking of all the 1/2 tons, domestic and import (IMHO), lots of interior room, handles great, plenty of power, sweet sound, and no problems so far.

I'm starting to question paying extra for that extended warranty (I usually don't) but it may payoff down the road.

Austin, Texas
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I haven't done much research and dyno tunning with my titan like all my other cars but usually intake and exhaust leans out our trucks, resulting in more power and slightly better gas mileage. That really depends on what intake system you use and what exhuast you use. Each one is designed differently and will have different side affects.
I run a consistant 15-15.5 with or with out the CAI............
not sure about after i put my exhaust on....but after i put my s&b on, mpgs went up a couple, im a very happy camper!
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