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I have been a member here a while and have read with interest the problems people have had with their Titans and the service departments. I have had every conceivable problem with the truck.

First when I went to buy a Titan I couldn't get a a hold of my salesperson for a week so I cancelled the truck. They wouldnt return my deposit so I was out a $1000. I bought the Titan at another dealer who was equally bad at service telling me to go fill my own tires in the pouring rain when I was at the dealer.... needless to say I wan't impressed.

I moved to Calgary and the new Nissan Dealership I go to is awesomme. Never a problem getting in for service, always reliable and never a problem with warranty work.

I have had every conceivable problem with the truck....the brakes shuddered and were replaced, transmission fluid line replaced, rear axle gaskets leaking and replaced, the c.d. player replaced, door handles froze up and the doors would not close and they were replaced, power window would not close and was adjusted, the factory recalls done on the harnesses in the KC, the AC fixed, and most recently the rear differential blew and was replaced.....and you know what? I still love the truck!

If it was up to the first two dealerships I would never buy a Nissan again but this dealership has been excellent. The service outstanding. The truck is tough, fun to drive and gets compliments all the time. I will definetely buy another Titan...I am probably going to buy the 2008 C.C. long box. If anyone is considering buying a Titan in Alberta buy it at FishCreek Nissan in Calgary they are great. Don't buy one at West End Nissan or Mills in Edmonton they both suck.

And for those of you considering a Titan..they are great and fun to drive..but make sure you buy at a good dealership!
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