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Here's what I can confirm:
Tow mirrors are heated, power, and chrome.
LE w/o tow are heated, chrome with a puddle light on the base.
SE w/o tow are heated, chrome without a puddle light on the base.
XE are black, manual.
I don't know what the difference between LE and SE w/tow.

Here are the Titantalk prices:
PtItm Des AmtPrice
02N/96301-7S200 RH SE 112.30
02N/96301-7S600 RH LE 318.25
02n/96301-8s100 RH SE W/BIG TOW 124.78
02n/96301-8s600 RH LE W/BIG TOW 153.47
02n/96301-8s800 RH XE 96.30
02N/96302-7S200 LH SE 112.30
02n/96302-7s600 LH LE 318.25
02n/96302-8s100 LH SE W/BIG TOW 124.78
02n/96302-8s600 LH LE W/BIG TOW 153.47
02N/96302-8S800 LH XE 96.30

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Am I reading that right? The tow mirrors are CHEAPER than the standard? (153.47 each for LE std vs. 318.25 each for the LE w/tow)

Also, do you know if the standard mirrors for the LE and SE are power? The Nissan web site says power/heated mirrors are standard on the LE w/o tow, so just wanted to confirm.

One more question (sorry), what is a puddle light?

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