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? about PRG UCA's

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I'm planning to get coilovers and UCA's from Greg in the springtime, but I have a quesiton about the UCA's.

After looking at the picture of his UCA's, I noticed that there were not any grease fittings or anything of that nature that could be used to lubricate the Uni-Ball or the inner Heim Joints. With these items being as exposed as they are, here in good 'ole Pennsyltucky, the elements will be pretty harsh on them.

What is the recommended lubricant for these items? I'm not sold on using WD-40 for this application. Back when I helped out a dirt late model team, we would use some moly lube that came in a spray can on the heims for the 4-link rear setup. The lube itself was black in color.

Do these parts have any type of special coating on them to resist corrosion?

Thanks In Advance.

Also, Greg, if you're reading this, is there any type of wait/lead time for a set of SAW's for a 6" PC Stage 1 equipped Titan?


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I would also like to know if there is anything special about the arms as far as maintenance wise. I just bought a pair this Monday from Greg. Thanks for posting these questions. Hopefully the replys will be positive.:cheers:
Because the himes and uniball use a teflon liner, we have had no issues. We had a few inner heim that the liner was creaking just a tad, but just a shot of any type of thin oil/lubricant will quiet these right up. The arms are powedercoated black and we have yet to have any issues with them. A grease fitting would only lube the inner parts of the heim/uniball and this is where the teflon needs no maintenance. We use stainless inner hiem spacers, so no rust there. The tapered adaptor is made of 4130 and we are looking at a new coating process to keep these looking great. I will take some pics of the parts individually and post them so you cna see what each part looks like.
Awesome!!! You da man Greg!!! The Titan community is grateful to have your knowledge/experience/parts at our disposal.
Go to a bicycle shop, and they have some teflon lube which works pretty good. And it prevents dirt sticking on the ball.
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