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About to order....need opinions

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I just bought a new 08 Titan Pro 4X a few weeks ago. I love the truck and couldn't be more pleased, but the itch to do some add ons has become too difficult to resist.

I'm wanting to add the JBA 3 inch catback exhaust and the Injen Powerflow intake to my 08. Trouble is none of the websites, including the manufacturers, have these products listed for the 2008 models. They list them for the 07s only. I'm sure the vehicles are virtually identical in terms of their dimensions, but should I be concerned about finite differences in the tune for the motor? What I mean is, is the Injen intake "tuned" for the variable valve setup in the 2008 model? I can't seem to find if the 2007 motor has the save variable valve setup.

I appreciate your help in making my decision to buy. After these add-ons I'm also considering the 2* timing advance. Based on what I read here that's also another worthwhile mod.


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07/08 both have VVT - and the exhaust dimensions should be exactly the same. Have fun with it!
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