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ABS actuator replacement

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Has anyone had to change their ABS actuator controller. If so, does it need to be programmed or calibrated. Thanks in advance.
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I have to change mine out, the part is in the mail, hopefully being delivered today. Apparently needs to be flashed to the vehicle. No abs or traction control has made driving interesting in northwestern Ontario lol
I replaced mine, had it programmed and drove it for a week no issues. I bought mine used off ebay for 250 or something stupid. Matched the part number exactly to what was in my truck. Sold the truck after the week though because it was too much of a pile to keep throwing money into.
No, I live in northern Ontario and all the lines and fittings were rusted. I didn't want to break anything else and I knew regardless it had to be programmed so I paid to have it done. The shop only charged me 300 for Labour so it wasn't bad at all.
Yeah no kidding. The dealer quoted me 1899 for just the part and 1000 for Labour so I was just gonna deal with no abs or traction control. When I found someone who wanted to buy the truck I decided to fix it and turned out way cheaper. I went to a small shop that had a snap on programmer capable of programming it. That's why it was cheaper.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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