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ABS actuator replacement

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Has anyone had to change their ABS actuator controller. If so, does it need to be programmed or calibrated. Thanks in advance.
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I have to change mine out, the part is in the mail, hopefully being delivered today. Apparently needs to be flashed to the vehicle. No abs or traction control has made driving interesting in northwestern Ontario lol
Hello from BC BigGuyMDU,
just got mine back from the shop with the same diagnosis, 'replace ABS actuator and electric unit' , estimate $1900 +tax. When I asked if they were confident that was the issue the answer I got was ' we think so'. Ugh.
I'm going to spend a bit of time looking over wiring to make sure I don't have an issue there but likely going to do this repair myself.
How did you make out?
Gotcha. Did you do the replacement yourself?
Couple hundred for parts and a few hundred for labour is way better than $2000 for the assumption thats the issue.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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