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Hey guys, so ive got some lights showing up on my instrument cluster, and i dont quite understand whats going on.

The ABS and BLSD lights come on after i hit a big bump or any speed bump, and occasionally while on the highway but they still work (need new tires so was able to spin em after it rained on accident and it locked up and i was on my way just like normal) so i know they work, and ive got an ultra gauge monitor i just put in that isn't showing any codes when the lights are on. ive had this problem before in the winter when i was going through some not so nice weather of snow/ice in iowa, but it went away the next day. now it's back

Next, my cruise control works, but randomly it will turn off, as if i touched my brake but my feet were plenty far away from the brake. Kind of makes my daily 50 mile round trip to work a pain in the a**.

thirdly, my backlight to the instrument cluster will flicker on and off, unless i turn it from auto to on, or off. not sure if my head/tail lights are also turning on or off seeing as i'm inside the truck and cant see if they flicker as well, but it only does this while im driving not while parked. along with the backlight flashing the gauges will randomly fluctuate, but the motor isn't fluctuating, for example the RPMs going 70mph is about 2k RPM, but it will drop to 1k RPM then bounce back to 2k RPM, the speedometer, RPM, and temp gauges all do this.

lastly, and this one i dont understand at all, because ive read low diff fluid can cause this, but i got my axle seals replaced 6 months ago and now the light will flicker usually right before the cruise control shuts off.

any help would be appreciated! i'm in college and my hometown trusted mechanic is 2.5 hours away, which isnt far, but sadly i do not have time between work and school to make the drive for them to diagnose the problem.
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