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ABS module problems PLEASE HELP

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So I am having a ridiculous amount of problems I have a 2006 Nissan Titan The ABS SLIP and BRAKE light are going crazy along with my speedometer is going wacko which is causing my transmission to act up out of 2nd gear So took it to a shop they gave it a look , hooked it up to the diagnostic and they're saying it is the ABS module For sures but they can't find any refurbished ones and Nissan is completely out of them I don't know how true all that isBut I'm looking to see if just maybe they're wrong and if anybody knows anything of how I can solve this problem I'm out of solutions, PLEASE PLEASE ADVISE
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Try calling the local junkyards and have them pull a set of ABS sensors from a wrecked Titan. Worth a shot if you can't find one new/refurbished thru Nissan.

Also inspect your cables to each wheel, make sure they aren't cut or damaged. On a dirt road, a rock kicked up and took out the rear driver's ABS cable on my 2012 Pro4X, cut it nearly in half. Got underneath, spliced it together, wrapped with black tape and doubled shrink tubing, and a quarter mile down the road all the flashing dash lights went away. That was 35,000 miles or more ago.
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I see several on ebay and a site called
Just went through this. I had replaced all my abs sensors and one of my brand new non oem sensors was faulty. Caused same issues. I didn’t suspect it was new sensor so I spun around in circles. Finally went to dealer they told me a bunch of bs about a bad harness and eventually I said put sensors in since they are only thing non oem and voila, left rear new sensor was new/faulty.
It was bad and threw codes for both rear sensors.
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