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ABS sensor/module

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Last week I had a used front diff put on my 04 4x4. Shop was not able to get 4LO working that week. Took it back and they had it all day yesterday with no success, no charge. All electrical checked out. The only thing they told me is that it may be the ABS sensor/module not getting a signal when break is pressed and not allowing it to shift into 4LO. Does this sound right to anyone?

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Did they disconnect each sensor, put a voltmeter across the pins, spin the wheel and see if there was any voltage? That's how you start to diagnose ABS issues. If there's voltage, I would suspect something else associated with the electronics in the transfer case since I'd be fairly certain the neutral signal is being processed....but that's something else to check. 13 year old electronics and sensors do fail.
Note that just because there's no voltage may not mean a sensor is may just need to be pulled and cleaned. Also, tone rings have been known to loose teeth (breaks the voltage waveform up) and get loose enough to tilt, also screwing with voltage waveform. IF the voltage doesn't look right, before buying a $200 sensor, look down the hole using a good, bright LED flashlight and with the wheel slowly rotating to identify whether the tone ring is ok.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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