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ABS sensor/module

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Last week I had a used front diff put on my 04 4x4. Shop was not able to get 4LO working that week. Took it back and they had it all day yesterday with no success, no charge. All electrical checked out. The only thing they told me is that it may be the ABS sensor/module not getting a signal when break is pressed and not allowing it to shift into 4LO. Does this sound right to anyone?

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I do not believe they checked each sensor, thanks for that info. I'm going to wait and take it to a shop I use that specializes in 4x4 vehicles.
I may try that when I have some time. Can't take to 4x4 shop till Jan, small shop and closed a few days for holiday/vacation.

Thanks again for the tips.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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