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ABS/Slip Light on after Diff light blinking

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In my 09 Titan Pro 4x today I notice the Diff light in the bottom right of the dash flashing today. It was randomly flashing to no pattern to it whatsoever like it was a short in the light. After awhile it went off and the ABS and SLIP light came on. I have a OBF reader and no codes came back. My 4H drive does seem to work. I used it today while the lights where on. Does anyone have any insight on this issue?
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If you select 4 lo and lock the dif, those lights come on. It's normal.
I know that. These are coming on driving down the road in 2 WD. I was just stating the fact the 4WD still works despite this issue.
Check over the muffler to see if the wiring harness has been melted by the pipe rusting off where it turns up toward the bed.
I just checked it all out nothing is melted. The pipe coming out the muffler is still all intact.

The wire harness is close to the pipe. After looking into this issue of the melting harness. I wonder if the heat from the pipe is cause my issue. The lights don’t start blinking until I’ve been driving at least 30 or so minutes.
It's very possible.
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